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Content Management System

Digital Signage Solution Software

Easy to Use
With our Digital Signage CMS you can send content from your PC to your display or media player in a matter of seconds using a user-friendly drag-and-drop system.

Fully Integrated Solution
Our CMS software is specifically designed to be used with the screens and media players that we manufacture; providing an all-in-one integrated solution.

Stable, dependable performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that even runs and can be updated while offline. When changes are made the screen or player will only download new files, not the entire content. 

No need to install software to your PC or have your own dedicated server, our cloud-based Digital Signage CMS portal can be accessed instantly from anywhere in the world. 

Works Offline
The hardware will download the media files that you publish to the screens and store them on the internal memory, meaning that even if the screen or player is not connected to the internet it will display the scheduled content. 

Pre-Designed Layouts
Pre-developed playlists, including the editable templates and the associated media files, can be downloaded and edited so you don’t need to start from scratch.

Various Subscription Options
One year, three year and lifetime subscriptions can be purchased depending on your requirements and circumstances.

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Multi Zone Layouts
Design your own layouts in any orientation, with different zones for your images, videos, text and live webpages. You can upload your own background image or add in special zones that display the time, date, local weather forecast or even live television.

Layer Management
Build multi-layered templates with background images or colours with image and video zones on top. Even add an image overlay with transparent sections to allow your content to shine through.

Transition Effects
Use our digital signage software to give your image slideshow extra vibrancy by choosing from 24 different animation styles to transition between images.

Custom Background/Fonts
For ultimate brand consistency you can select exact colours from the palette or HEX code to modify the background, scrolling text, static text, time and date. You can also use supported custom fonts too for your static text zones. 

Scrolling Text
Add a fully customisable scrolling ticker message to deliver your own messages. You can change the direction, speed, size and colour of your text and the colour and transparency of the background. 

RSS Feeds
If you want to deliver more ‘live’ updates on your screen you can use an RSS feed for the latest news or any live up to the minute feeds.

Alongside your media zones you can display the local time and date, various styles of weather forecasts, any social media feed and even live traffic updates.

Schedule Playlists
Either publish immediately or choose your own times and dates in the future for your content to display. For example during morning hours you can set a breakfast menu to display and after midday a general menu plays. You can schedule content as far into the future as you like.

User Management
Create and manage as many user accounts as you like. You can customise the privileges for each user. For example you can allow a receptionist to change the welcome message of a screen in the reception area but block them from changing anything on other screens in the building.

Remote Commands
Send commands to reboot your screens, format the internal memory, stop and start content playback, adjust the volume of the screen; almost anything you can do with the remote control. No matter where in the world you can retain full control of your screen.

Deploy Globally
Access, update and monitor your network of screens and media players no matter where they are and no matter where you are at any time. 

Health Check
Monitor the status of your screens and players from the dashboard. Check the last time there was communication with the server and even the download progress of new publishes.

Retrieve a snapshot of exactly what is playing on screen at any time.

Reports and Proof of Play
View and export records of user activity as well as communication between hardware and the CMS server. You can even export proof of play records to show how many times any given piece of media has played within a specific period. 

Preview Tools
You can preview content before sending it to your screens or players to make sure it looks as you want it to.

Multi-Screen Synchronisation
Synchronise your content across multiple screens or players that are connected to the same network. There are two distinct styles of synchronising content; you can achieve the effect of one large image or video across multiple screens/players at one time or have the same content playing and transitioning in perfect unison.

Display Live Webpages
Adding webpages to your layouts opens up a world of new possibilities. Display social media feeds, your company website, live travel and traffic updates or even a live web feed from 3rd party software. You can set refresh times on your webpages so they always stay current or even display multiple webpages within the same zone.

Display Live Input
Using our Android Cloud Network Media with Live Input you can display a live feed from an external source. So if you wanted to display Live TV in your layout, you can simply connect a set-top box to your player via HDMI which is then connected to the screen. It doesn’t have to just be Live TV though; it can be a feed from any source via HDMI or VGA, such as a PC or security camera. 

Fully Integrated Control
As the hardware and software have been designed and developed to work in conjunction with one another you can achieve ultimate real-time control. As well as being able to send commands to stop and start content playback, adjust the volume of the screen, format the internal memory and even turn the screen on or off you can also set on/off timers, download and volume schedules as well as scheduling the screen to switch to the HDMI port for certain hours of the day.

Media and Web

  • Images (JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG).
  • Videos (MPG, AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, RM, RMVB, TS).
  • Audio (MP3, AAC, WMA).
  • Webpages/HTML5.


  • RSS Feeds (Various Styles and Colours).
  • Static Text (Various Styles and Colours).
  • Scrolling Text (Various Styles and Colours).


  • Time (Various Styles and Colours).
  • Date (Various Styles and Colours).
  • Weather Widgets (Various Styles and Colours).
  • Social Media (Various Styles and Colours).

Office and Documents

  • Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX).
  • Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX).
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX).
  • PDFs.

Digital Signage & Displays

Choose from YCR’s range of CMS digital signage hardware below:-

Network Digital Menu Boards


4K Large Format Commercial Displays

(65″, 70″ & 86″)

High Brightness Professional Monitors


Ultra High Brightness Professional Monitors


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YCR Product Range

Choose from YCR's range of EPOS hardware below:-

Windows POS Terminals

The complete range of Sam4s Touch Screens offer speed and efficiency along with quiet operation.

iMin D3 Desktop POS

iMin Android Devices

High quality and pin sharp designed range of Android POS hardware from our #1 manufacturer iMin

POS Printers

Full range of POS Printers offer outstanding performance for any Hospitality sector.

Cash Registers

A range of Cash Registers combine functionality, durability and value for money.


Operational direct from the secure docking station or instantly mobile for order taking and queue busting.

Samtouch Software

A comprehensive level of features and third party integrations for any professional business.

Barcode Scanners

Compatible to work with Sam4s, Casio and Sharp ECR's and touch screens with a USB interface.

Weighing Scales

From entry level scales for fixed or mobile use up to programmable scales with in-built label printing.

PosPole Combination

PosPole Mount Solution

The POSPOLE portfolio covers a wide range of mounting brackets that can be combined to create your perfect fitting solution. 

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